Read an excerpt from SEALed with Love

Sage Parker is happy to move to Juniper Ridge to escape her stalker—and having her gorgeous security guard, Joel Watts, go with her seems like a recipe for perfect happiness. That is until the stalker starts to contact her again in her new home. Joel realizes they’ll have to get rid of the threat once and for all.

Chapter One

Sage threaded in and out of the streaming LA throngs and wished she’d didn’t have to leave for work at peak commute time. She liked people, SEALed with Love, book two of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullisbut fighting through them wasn’t exactly her idea of a party. And it was all too easy to hide in a crowd—which would be more of an advantage if she knew who she should be hiding from. He didn’t have that problem.

She scanned the mass of humanity, looking for a familiar face, anyone she might have seen before, then checked her watch again. If she missed this train, she would be late. She had been distracted by her father’s email, which was chatty and full of news about the resort he was preparing to open that fall. He put on a good front of all-is-well, but she had known something was wrong—known it as only she could, despite his denials. The fact that he hadn’t come for his regular visit reiterated that. She’d have to use her break this afternoon to meditate and see if she could figure it out, since he wasn’t giving anything away.

A small boy weaved through the jungle of legs, followed by a man who called for him to stop. Sage shifted to the side so the boy ran into her, then she grabbed his shoulders, and stopped him from falling backward as he bounced off of her. She glanced up into the round face of a frazzled man. “I believe this one belongs to you.”

He hefted the tow-headed toddler into his arms. “Yes, sorry about that. He’s as slippery as an eel sometimes.”

Sage smiled in relief when the child giggled as if it had been a good game. The boy was comfortable with the man. “No problem.”

The man pivoted to the right, heading toward a store.

Feeling someone watching her, Sage adjusted her hemp macramé bag over one shoulder and glanced around again. Her eyes stopped on a tall man with a shaved head, mirrored sunglasses and a light brown goatee. He oozed dark alertness, an aura of control, and he was looking in her direction. Her heart sped up, her breath caught and she turned back toward the subway.

It wasn’t the first time she’d seen him, or even the third or fourth. In the past few days he seemed to pop up behind her all over town. There was no explanation for his repeated presence except that he was following her. Sage’s hands grew sweaty as she darted farther into the crowd.  If he was the one who had been stalking her, she had to get away. There was a tough wariness about him, a hardened edge that said he went after whatever he wanted, and he never gave up.  She hadn’t felt his presence until that week, though the stalker had been contacting her for a couple of months, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t dangerous.

If he was the one, there may be no safe place to hide in LA.

Just before the train pulled out, she managed to slide through the doors and find a corner to hide in while the panic attack took over. Standing on the far end of the car, she grasped a handle until her knuckles turned white. She put her back to the wall so she could see everyone and checked for the man several times, making sure no one else was paying attention to her while she dealt with the light-headedness and nausea that often accompanied her racing heart and difficulty breathing.

Maybe she should take her father up on the job offer in his Colorado resort. She couldn’t keep living like this.


While she provided reflexology treatments to the day spa’s elite clientele, Sage fought the implacable image of the man in her mind. She had been at work for nearly two hours and was finally starting to feel the inner peace her job usually provided when she opened the door to leave her treatment room. Standing on the other side, his fist raised to knock, was the Goliath of a man she’d seen in the street.

Her breathing stopped as terror filled her all over again. She tried to shut the door, but his hand shot out, blocking it open. “Go away.” She’d meant the words to be calm and forceful, but they’d come out tight and whispery as her panic grew. What would she do? What could she do against someone his size?

“Hey, I’m sorry I scared you.” His voice was a low rumble. He pulled off his mirrored sunglasses and hung them by one stem in the neck of his tight white T-shirt. He lifted his free hand as if to reassure her that he didn’t have a gun or a knife, but she seriously doubted someone that buff needed a weapon to maim or kill. “My name is Joel Watts,” he said, “and your dad sent me.” He handed her a business card which was printed with the name of a private security firm.

Though she wouldn’t take the card at face value, her throat unclogged a little so she could suck in some air. “My dad?” No one knew who her dad was—or almost no one. Her father had been surprisingly adept at keeping their connection a secret despite his high profile and his hundreds of phone calls and visits through the years.

“George DiCarlo,” he confirmed. “He’s concerned about your stalker and sent me to look out for you. Look, I’m sorry I scared you earlier today. I didn’t mean to. Call him if you need to verify my story.”

“Why have you been following me?” Her voice was returning to normal, though her senses were still on alert. This man was lethal; she knew it down to her core. Why would her dad send him to follow her without warning her first?

“He didn’t want me to introduce myself yet. We hoped I might be able to spot the stalker if I wasn’t too close to you. The letters you turned over to the police were pretty freaky.” Despite the otherwise intimidating exterior, when Joel said this, his jaw softened slightly, making him seem not quite as scary.

How did her father always know what was going on in her life, even when she didn’t tell him? She decided to take this hulk of a man up on his offer to check his identity. “Give me a minute, then.” When he removed his hand from the door, she shut and locked it, then fished her cell phone from her shoulder bag.

On the first try, the call rang several times, then went to voice mail. She hung up and called again—their agreed-upon signal that the conversation was urgent. If there was any possible way he could answer the second call, he would.

After three rings he picked up the phone.  “Hey, honey, is everything all right?”

“There’s a man standing outside my door. Joel Watts.” Enormous, imposing, dark. “He said you paid him to follow me.”

“Excuse me for a moment,” he said to someone else. There was the sound of movement in the background, like her father was standing and moving away from a desk or table. “I’m sorry, sweetie. He was supposed to stay in the background for now. I didn’t want him to interfere or worry you.”

Sage felt her pulse begin to calm and the terror gripping her softened, though experience said it would take several more minutes to entirely dissipate—if she was lucky. “Dad, you didn’t have to hire someone.”

“Yes, I did. I was worried about you when I got a report about what was going on, and you never told me about it. You can trust Joel with anything, I promise. Look, I’m sorry, I’m in a meeting right now, but I don’t want to brush you off.”

She smiled, knowing he’d make everyone wait for her if she needed it. “No, that was the only urgent issue. I get off at five; call me this evening when you get a chance.”

“I will, and you’re in good hands. I promise.”

“I love you, Dad.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

Sage closed her flip phone and held it in her hand. So Joel really was working for her father. She gave herself a few more minutes for the panic attack to subside before she turned to the door, unlocked and opened it. “Come in.” She gestured for him to take a seat and stepped out to verify the time of her next appointment before shutting herself in the room with him.

“How tall are you, exactly?” Sage asked as she leaned back against the door, studying him.


Making her feel even shorter than she had before at only five-three. “And you’re a body builder?”

“Former Navy SEAL, actually.” An unhurried smile spread on his face, transforming it completely. “Staying in shape is part of the job.”

“Of course.” Her dad would never settle for less than the best. Taking a deep breath, she offered him her hand. “Maybe we should start over again. I’m Sage Parker.”

His hand dwarfed hers, surrounding it in hard warmth. “Joel Watts, I’m here to keep you safe.”

For the first time in months, she thought she might be able to relax again.


Chapter 2

Joel was relieved that Sage was smart enough to check in with her father, and then relaxed with him—at least a little. He glanced at the comfortable-looking treatment chair and then back at Sage. “Aren’t you supposed to be like a masseuse or something? Can you do massage on one of those?” It seemed like an odd shape—didn’t they usually use padded tables?

Sage chuckled. “I specialize in reflexology.” He must have looked as clueless as he felt because her lips quirked and she brushed back her unruly brown curls. “I focus on whole-body wellness through the feet.”

That had him looking down. She wore sandals, had her toe nails painted bright pink and sported silver toe rings. He never knew feet could be so sexy, but they fit the package from her pixie proportions, to her wild brown curls and haunting gypsy eyes. “If you say so.” Time to focus back on the reason he was there, though he’d been dying to get a closer look at her since her father had sent him her picture nearly a week earlier. “Your dad wanted me to stay incognito for a while longer, but I decided it would be best if I spoke with you after you spotted me. Again.” She always seemed to know when he was nearby. He could usually blend into the background when he tried—especially in a crowd that size—her ability intrigued him.

He continued. “I know you’ve been receiving notes and emails, but without more information, the chances of me catching him are minimal. The police reports only had a few details. What do you know about this guy?”

“Not much, but I’ve kept all of the notes that I didn’t turn over to the police—and I got another one last night. Most of them are signed by your future husband.” Sage folded her arms over her chest and kept her distance from him in the small room. “So how did my dad find out, anyway? I didn’t tell him.”

“The police report, though how he knew there was one, I couldn’t tell you.”

She checked her watch, something he noticed she did often, though he’d been following her for several days and she didn’t seem to run late. “Only ten minutes until my next appointment, and I have the feeling you’ve got more questions than there’s time to answer right now.”

Joel smiled. “I’d say that was a safe bet. How about if I meet you after you get off work? We’ll eat and you can fill me in.”

Sage smiled back, making something turn over in his chest. “I know just the place.”


 Sage watched the dismay on Joel’s face as he got a look at the offerings at her favorite restaurant—a vegetarian deli a couple of blocks from the spa where she worked. Though she didn’t adhere strictly to her vegan upraising, she preferred a whole-foods approach to eating and rarely ate meat. Joel apparently had a different idea of what constituted a real meal.

She ordered a garden salad, he chose an egg salad sandwich—the only thing in the deli that qualified as meat in any form—and they found a table in the corner. She noticed he studied the room before sitting down, and took a seat with his back to the wall so he looked out over everything. His eyes tracked around the space and flicked back to the door every time it opened. She relaxed, knowing he was watching out for her. “You’re a former SEAL? How long did you do that?” she asked.

“I was in the Navy for twelve years, a SEAL for ten.” He lifted the edge of his rye bread and looked at the egg filling, and though his expression was doubtful, he lifted the sandwich for a bite.

“That’s quite a while. Why’d you get out?” Sage speared a tomato and popped it into her mouth, studying his face. She felt better about Joel, knowing her father had sent him—her dad was no fool and would have checked his background extensively—but there was still something dark and dangerous about him.

“I got injured on a mission, messed up my ACL. I’ve been through surgery, and am doing great, but I’ll never be at a hundred percent again.” His face was calm, expressionless, but his dark brown eyes revealed his regret.

“You miss it.” She didn’t know much about SEALs except that they were the Navy elite with advanced combat skills. She wondered if his experiences were what made him dangerous, or if the inner predator had already existed and the training merely enhanced it.

“Yeah, I miss it.” There was a flicker of loss in his eyes, though his face didn’t show it.

“I could never fight in a war. Violence makes my stomach turn. I’ve never even held a gun.” She didn’t know how she ended up in a situation where she needed a bodyguard.

“Good thing we’re allowed to have different jobs, then, isn’t it?” He took a sip of his water and turned the conversation back to her. “Tell me about this stalker.”

She washed down her salad with a drink of her tea and plunged ahead. “It started in late January. At first it was just emails, then I started getting letters to my home, and deliveries of gifts to home and work. They’re coming more regularly now. He seems to think we have a relationship already, but I have no idea who it is. I was a little wigged but didn’t really freak out until he started talking about things I’d done, places I’d been—things he couldn’t have known unless he was watching me.” The thought of some stranger obsessing about her made her shiver with revulsion. “That’s why I went to the police.”

“And why your dad hired me.” When Joel’s eyes switched from cool to frigid, she was glad he was on her side.


For more of SEALed with Love, purchase it at your favorite retailer!

Divine pumpkin dump cake–for the crock pot

Oh yes, you heard that right. I saw this recipe on Pinterest and couldn’t help myself–I had to try it! I love pumpkin and pretty much everything you can do with it, so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes. The best part about this recipe–it’s so easy, you could have your six-year-old make it. I wish I had taken photos (I need to remember that next time–I’ll add some if I remember next time I make it!) This is the recipe Comfrey makes in Last Chance (I know, it’s not out yet–you’ll have to console yourself with delicious pumpkin cake in the meantime.)

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Dump Cake

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Dump Cake


  • 1 box yellow or white cake mix (spice would also be delicious!)
  • 1 box of 4-serving instant vanilla pudding
  • 1-15 oz can of pumpkin puree
  • 1 1/2 cups milk
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) melted butter
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup chocolate chips (my addition, because pumpkin and chocolate. Need I say more?)


Line your slow cooker with a liner or parchment paper to ease cleanup if you like, then layer each of the ingredients in order, and stir them together–I imagine it helps them mix better if they are layered in evenly before you start. It only took a minute or so with my spatula to mix it all up. Put the lid on, turn the slow cooker to low and walk away for three to four hours. You’ll want the cake to still be moist in the middle when you turn it off, and since there are no eggs in this recipe, no need to worry about it being too wet.

Dawn also drizzles the finished product with caramel sauce and tops it with whipped topping, both of which sound terrific, but I haven’t tried it that way yet.

Original recipe located on Cutefetti.

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I found out one of my heating elements has gone bad on my Crockpot thanks to this recipe–it’s not a problem when I’m making soup, but cake is a whole different story, so next time I’ll turn the crock 180 degrees so it’ll bake more evenly.

A new Echo Ridge Anthology and late-summer sweets

small Kisses Between the Lines Cover Echo Ridge Box Set

Hi, don’t you love the fall? The air gets cooler, the leaves start to turn bright colors and love is in the air–well, it is in this book. The newest Echo Ridge Anthology is now available in print, ebook, and audio. It all surrounds a library fundraiser with five deliciously sweet romances, and five delicious recipes. While the summer heat may still be upon us, cool down with this fun read.

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Oh, and we’re giving away an Amazon gift card–in case you need something extra to get excited about. Continue to the end of the post to check it out, plus my super simple and totally delicious recipe for fresh peach pie.

In these five novellas, readers will experience the power a book has to change a life, make dreams come true, and bring two hearts together as the characters work to fill the classic section of the library. Filled with charm, wit, secrets, and hope, each story is a sweet romance with a promise to keep you turning pages into the night. We hope you enjoy this book and the kisses between the lines.

Much Ado About a Kiss by Heather Tullis

Fay’s life is just fine, thank you. Running the café she’d practically been raised in: Check. Her artwork in a gallery: Check. Volunteering on the library board: Check. The one thing she doesn’t need right now is a guy in her life—especially her brother’s irritating best friend from high school, so when the two men announce that they are moving home to start a ski and mountain bike shop in town, she isn’t pleased. If only she could completely forget that one kiss she and Austin shared in high school, and the way it made her heart flutter when she thought about it. Why does he have to upset her just-fine world? Not this time. Not if she can help it. But can she?

The Kiss Thief by Rachelle J. Christensen

As the head librarian of the Echo Ridge Library, Britta Klein thrives on order and categorization. Unfortunately, the old church-turned-library is in desperate need of a renovation. The Harvest Hurrah fundraiser seems to be the answer, but plans keep going awry. With help from Milo Geissler, accomplished musician, piano tuner, and kiss thief, each catastrophe is narrowly avoided. Britta’s heart refuses to be swayed by his help, personal attention, or his irresistible dimpled smile. When Milo goes to great lengths to help Britta find a key classic book, she begins to wonder if there is more to life than books and order. Can she allow this man who speaks the language of music to tune her heart to a new song?

The Lion, The Witch, & The Library by Lucy McConnell

Jennifer Solomon’s birthday wish is for the one thing she’s been too shy to go after: Kirke Staples, Echo Ridge’s resident playwright, an avid mountain biker, and her best friend. Friend, as in don’t kiss, don’t covet, and don’t under any circumstances fall in love with the man. But it’s too late—she’s already fallen in love. Hoping for a birthday kiss that will change everything, she arranges an “accidental” meeting with the handsomest man on the library board. Her carefully laid plans are thrown off track when the beautiful Bay Barington sweeps into town and casts a spell over Kirke. In her efforts to win Kirke’s heart, Jennifer is forced to take a look at her inner self and decide what type of woman she wants to be, a lion or witch.

The Last of the Gentlemen by Cami Checketts

Despite the hardships she’s faced, Emma Turner, is determined to make a good life for her three children. Working nights and struggling through life doesn’t leave much time for romance, which is just fine as far as Emma is concerned. But when her son’s good-looking lacrosse coach takes an interest in her children, Emma has to fight off the smolder in her stomach and banish her daydreams. This school-girl crush needs to end before she embarrasses her son and herself. If only she could tell that to her heart.

Pride & Persuasion by Connie E. Sokol

Lindy Marchant has left heartbreak and downtown L.A. to help her cousin kickstart an antique shop in sleepy Echo Ridge. That is, until she’s roped into the library fundraiser to become an assistant for Armand D. Beaumont, the French bestselling detective writer. The two have met before, and Lindy hasn’t forgotten the disastrous outcome.  Now Armand’s celebrity quirks threaten to upset her life yet again. Or, is there a deeper reason for his unpredictable choices? While Armand inadvertently assists Lindy with the shop, she uncovers his painful truth and an inconvenient growing attraction. As Lindy’s L.A. past catches up with her, decisions must be made. Can Armand let go of his pride and face his fears? And can Lindy be persuaded to take the untried road, even together?

I know, great stories, right? Buy it here!

Fay’s Fresh Peach Pie

Fay’s Fresh Peach Pie


    Pie crust:
  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3/4 cup shortening
  • 1 large egg, beaten
  • 2 Tbsn white vinegar
  • Filling:
  • 4 cups fresh peaches
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 3 Tbsp cornstarch
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Crust: Mix the flour and salt. Using a pastry blender, cut the shortening into the flour until it is uniform. Mix the egg and vinegar in a cup and blend into the flour mixture. Pie crust tip: once you add the liquids, you want to handle the crust as little as possible, but before adding the liquids, you can mix it as much as you like.

Split the dough into two balls and roll them out. Line the bottom of the pie pan with the first crust and prick the sides and bottom with a fork. Then spread in the peaches. Sprinkle the other ingredients evenly across the top. Top with a second crust and crimp the edges and bake for about an hour, or until crust starts to turn golden.

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First Crush–2nd book from the In The Garden series


It is out! I am so excited to announce that the book is now available on all ebook retailers and the paperback should be available to order in a few days.

Third-grade teacher Maddie McCormick was thrilled when her dream of a greenhouse classroom actually came to fruition. She hadn’t expected to anger the local street thugs, or that their threats would make it more difficult to use the new structure.

Police officer Ben Belliston hadn’t planned on fatherhood—ever—but gaining custody of his orphaned niece had him rearranging all of his priorities. His niece, Felicia, and Maddie, her new teacher, bonded right away, so he was happy to provide a little off-duty security in the greenhouse—it was more than a fair exchange for the way Maddie helped his niece emerge from her shell. He hadn’t expected to begin seeing his best friend’s little sister in a new light, or the way Maddie would make him question all of his future plans.


Buy it now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes!

Next up in the series–Not in the Plans, coming summer 2016!

Christmas Kisses

Christmas Kisses

Christmas Kisses is a collection from five bestselling and award-winning authors. Set in the snowy town of Echo Ridge in upstate New York, these inspirational romances are sure to delight while you sip cocoa by the fire and listen to Christmas carols.

One Winter Night by Heather Tullis Amazon bestselling author
Jonah Owens thought moving to Echo Ridge to open his art gallery would solve all of his problems. The need to sell his grandma’s house adds an unexpected complication. It would be easier if his neighbor didn’t have all those farm animals.

Kaya Feidler’s family has owned their land for nearly a hundred years–long before the neighbors were there. There’s no way she’s giving up the animal therapy business she’s been struggling to make profitable. She gets a temp job helping Jonah in the gallery. Spending time together is a recipe for romance, but can they overcome their own hangups to be more than friends?

http:s// *

Christmas Makeover by Cami Checketts Amazon bestselling author
Chelsea Jamison has been infatuated with Drew Stirling longer than she’s loved playing basketball, high-top sneakers, and the Knicks. Unfortunately, all Drew sees is the kid who kicked his trash in the high school free throw contest and not the girl whose heart breaks into a fast dribble when he’s near.

Drew makes an unexpected visit home to Echo Ridge and their friendship picks up where they left off as they scheme to make a teenaged boy’s Christmas dreams come true. When Chelsea realizes she’s fallen for her best friend, she wonders if there is any hope of a relationship with Drew or if she’s stuck in buddy-status for life. *

The Candy Counter Heiress by Lucy McConnell Amazon bestselling & award-winning author
Someday Reese Gates will own The Candy Counter at Kenworth’s; but someday can’t come fast enough when the manager threatens to bring in a national candy provider. Reese secretly takes matters into her own hands hoping to save her parents from additional worry and prove herself capable of running the company. Her deception deepens as she ropes computer guru Andy Edwards into helping her expand the business. Reese wanted to shake things up, but she wasn’t planning on her heart getting caught in the mix by Andy’s stolen kisses. If she can hold it together until after Christmas, then she can reveal her successful online company and her feelings for Andy. Unfortunately for Reese, even the best laid plans can melt like chocolate. *

Soda Fountain Christmas by Connie E. Sokol Amazon bestselling author
Keira Kenworth has one focus this holiday season: save her father’s old-time department store from bankruptcy. She is not focused on Tayton Wells, the tall, dark, and genius marketing guru from downtown New York, hired to make it happen. He is as doubtful that her nostalgic connect-the-town ideas will succeed as she is about his numbers-first plan. However, it’s not just their different approaches that cause sparks to fly. Working together on a fast deadline to save the store before Christmas, the unspoken connection between them grows. But will the tough decisions they face drive them back to their separate worlds, or will they lead to the beginning of love? *

Hope for Christmas by Rachelle J. Christensen Amazon bestselling & award-winning author
Anika Fletcher hates Christmas–its promises of good tidings and hope for the future are as tinseled as the ornaments on Kenworth’s Hope Tree. Despite her feelings, Anika wants to maintain her daughter’s faith in the magic of the season and gladly accepts a second job working with the handsome Carlos Rodriguez to restore Kenworth’s old fashioned soda fountain. Carlos is no stranger to hard times and slowly shares his life of light and joy with Anika as they work together. Just as her fragile soul begins to feel hope again, an ill-timed act of charity changes everything. Anika isn’t sure who she can trust or if hope is worth nurturing–especially at Christmas when it’s easy to enjoy a kiss and believe love can last longer than the season. *

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Cover reveal for my next book!

I’m excited to reveal the cover for my first In The Garden romance, coming early next month. Piper, Maddie and Adelyn have been talking to me for over a year, but the thing that brought the stories all together was the garden. In case you don’t know, I love to garden. I love fresh tomatoes warm from the sun when I pick them on my daily trip out to my rain gauge. I love to see flowers brightening up my yard and the birds and insect that they draw in. And the fact that my husband and I were drafted onto the board of directors for our local community garden last winter doesn’t hurt! I hope you all enjoy reading this book as much as I liked writing it!

Hello Again cover

Piper Daniels has carved a life for herself and her autistic brother, but is barely hanging on financially. After her brother is caught vandalizing, Piper is desperate to find anything affordable that will redirect his energy. Excited by the idea of putting together a community garden, she throws herself into the planning full force until she realizes who owns the property: Reece Stone, the guy who broke her heart ten years before. She needs his permission to use the land, but how can she face the one man she’s never forgotten and give him the chance to reject her again?

Reece Stone is stunned when Piper’s name comes across his desk. He’s always regretted how things ended between them and is curious to see where life has taken her. He agrees to meet and consider her garden proposal for his property. Once he realizes her brother is the reason behind the community garden, though, he is determined to help. Only, the more time he spends with her, the more his buried feelings for her surface. Will the garden project give him a chance to explain why he broke her heart? Or will she be the heartbreaker this time around?

The DiCarlo Brides

When George DiCarlo’s two daughters walk into the reading of his will, they find a big surprise–they have four sisters they never knew about–all by different mothers. The will stipulates that they work together to get his latest hotel/resort up and running and that they share a home for the first year that it’s running–he’s determined that they will all get to be good friends.

If that’s not enough, he’s picked out the perfect man for each of them, ensuring that they’ll get in each other’s way. Obviously love is bound to ensue. The daughters and their intended grooms, however, are not so amenable to his plans and where possible, fight his continued interference in their lives–which he manages to do, even from the grave.


A Perfect Fit, book one of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

A Perfect Fit

Cami DiCarlo doesn’t agree with her father that her life has been stuck in a rut, so she is not happy when he forces her hand into heading up guest services at his newest five-star hotel. The fact that he unveils the existence of four half-sisters at the same time, and insists that they live together while they launch the new resort, only makes things worse.

When she meets Vince Talmadge, the sweet, sexy landscaper her father would never have approved of, Cami can’t say no. If only she could be sure she is on the right track—and that they will be able to stop the person who is trying to destroy everything she and her sisters are working to build.

Read an excerpt.

SEALed with Love, book two of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

SEALed with Love

It isn’t Sage Parker’s fault that she mistakes former Navy SEAL Joel Watts as the stalker who had been sending her disturbing letters–he shows up every time she turns around. Too bad her father doesn’t tell her he sent Joel to protect her. When the stalker tracks Sage from LA to her new job in Colorado, she’s glad to have Joel on her side. She didn’t plan to falling in love with him though—now if he would see her as more than just a client.

Joel takes his job as head of resort security seriously, but Sage is his number one priority, and the one woman he can’t get out of his mind. He isn’t sure if he believes in her precognition, or some of her other hokey beliefs, but he soon finds he can’t live without her. He just has to catch the stalker before he or Sage end up dead.

Read an excerpt.

Reclaiming His Bride, book three of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

Reclaiming his Bride

Secrets rule Lana’s life. Her father’s death brought some out into the open, but she has a few of her own: 1) she’s been married to Blake for nearly a year—and trying to get a divorce for most of that time. 2) A moment of emotional weakness and too much champagne ended with her in her husband’s arms—and now she’s pregnant.

Blake hasn’t thought of another woman since they first met, though she believes otherwise. When Lana’s hotel-magnate father offers him the job of regional manager—and an office in the hotel Lana would be managing, Blake jumps at it. Keeping her attention when it’s split between her sisters, the ins and outs of running a resort, and the ‘ghost’ who’s been haunting the building isn’t easy. Learning about the baby convinces him to redouble his efforts though—he isn’t going to give up without a fight, and when someone comes after Lana, the stakes are raised again.

Read an excerpt.

 Family Matters, book four of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

Family Matters

Rosemary Keogh considers herself pretty adaptable—she dealt with her father’s death-bed edict that she move across the country to work at his latest hotel with five half-sisters, (most of whom she hadn’t known existed) hadn’t she? She settled into the routine, even grew to like most of them, but when tragedy leaves her birth daughter parentless—and she is named as the guardian—her world spins again.

Trying to raise a nine-year-old who shares her spunk and determination isn’t always an easy thing. When Rosemary starts having mysterious ‘accidents,’ though, her worries shift from being a bad mother to leaving her daughter an orphan yet again.

Adding to the confusion, Harrison Forest, head of the resort’s human resources department, decides it’s time to shift their relationship from semi-adversarial to something a whole lot more interesting. Can they get past the roadblocks she’s been throwing in their way to make things work? More importantly, will she survive that long?

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 Wild Hearts, book five of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

Wild Hearts

Delphi Gifford has nearly given up on finding someone she could love as much as her dead husband, Fallon, who had died while they were still in college. Certainly local photographer Jeremy Litster wasn’t at the top of her list, egomaniac that he is–even if he did drive the hottest racing motorbike she’d ever touched.

Jeremy knew George DiCarlo had hand-picked him to marry Delphi, but hadn’t counted on her not being in the loop. After working together for six months, though, he seriously regrets his misstep and begins a careful campaign to win her over. When someone tries to take the two of them out, he has to figure out what they did or saw that put them both in danger.

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 The Last Bride, book six of the DiCarlo Brides series, by Heather Tullis

The Last Bride

Confirmed bachelor Gage Matthews had no intention of marrying George DiCarlo’s daughter–even if she was incredibly hot, fun, athletic, and great to be around. His two friends might have caved, but he wasn’t about to do so. Staying away from her, though became harder as the months passed, and though she never seemed to intentionally be in his path, Jonquil was everywhere he turned. When he realizes she’s the one woman he has to have, will she be willing to look past their troubles to make things work.

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