In the Garden series

Hello Again

Piper Daniels has one wish—to keep her little brother out of trouble—but her work schedule and a lack of activities for teens in her neighborhood complicate that mission. When she latches onto the idea of starting a community garden, it seems to answer all of her requirements. Until she realizes who owns the property she wants to use.

Reece Stone was the love of her life ten years earlier, until he left with only a phone call goodbye and no explanation. Now he’s the head of Stone Enterprises, and he’s thrilled at the chance to make amends and spend time with the woman he’s never been able to forget. He knows they can find love again, if he can melt her anger enough to give him a chance.

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First Crush

Third-grade teacher Maddie McCormick was thrilled when her dream of a greenhouse classroom actually came to fruition. She hadn’t expected to anger the local street thugs, or that their threats would make it more difficult to use the new structure.

Police officer Ben Belliston hadn’t planned on fatherhood—ever—but gaining custody of his orphaned niece had him rearranging all of his priorities. His niece, Felicia, and Maddie, her new teacher, bonded right away, so he was happy to provide a little off-duty security in the greenhouse—it was more than a fair exchange for the way Maddie helped his niece emerge from her shell. He hadn’t expected to begin seeing his best friend’s little sister in a new light, or the way Maddie would make him question all of his future plans.

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Not In The Plans

Adelyn is an expert at planning and making lists–including one with the required qualities for the perfect man. This mythical specimen, unfortunately, seems harder to find with every passing year. She tells herself she’s not picky, she’s discerning, but sometimes it’s hard to  be sure.

Her best friend’s older brother, Jason, has been slowly falling in love with Adelyn since returning from his final deployment with the Army more than a year earlier, but she sees him only as a buddy. So how does he get her to see that he is the perfect man she describes on her list? It’s time Adelyn took another solid look at her plans.

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Last Chance


Comfrey has been planning her homestead farm for three years, and she’s finally ready to break ground on her perfect permaculture paradise. She has big plans, and the goats and sheep she already has grazing are just the first step. Until the city throws a wrench in the works. Oh, and then there’s the sudden appearance of Nick. The man she nearly married.

Nick was not thrilled when Comfrey’s father (his boss) assigns him to go convince his wayward daughter that she’s had her fun and it’s time for her to rejoin the family business–a company that doesn’t fit into her new natural lifestyle, even if her father would ever accept her as. Forget the fact that he is still nursing a broken heart from the day she broke off their engagement and disappeared. Being around her was supposed to convince her that she made a mistake and wants to return to her old life–not convince him that she is still the only woman for him. Time is running out before he has to return to Boston, but can they bridge the gap between them?

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